Thursday, September 27, 2007

Just bad, not ugly

Mid-afternoon yesterday I was starving for some reason. I guess because I'm finally feeling better, my body wants more food. Or I'm just a sucker for candy. That's probably it.

I opted to have a peanut butter cup because I had the points for it. So yum with the second cup of coffee I saved for my after lunch pick-me-up. But for some reason I felt it necessary to scarf down a Sweet & Salty bar too. No biggie, I'd just adjust something later in the menu right?

Mhmm. Kickboxing kicked my ass. I was exhausted. No way I was cooking up those grilled veggies when leftover pizza was sitting right there. I ate about 10 points worth, which would be fine but then I followed it up with another of those evil Sweet & Salty bars.

I guess those things are the devil and shouldn't be brought into our house.

So I ended up using about 5 flex points. Oh well. But I'm not giving myself the day OP for my mini-goal, because I gave in to stupid cravings that I didn't need. Pin It

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