Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Yaaieeee! I finally get to tag something as "good"! Yesterday I set myself a mini-goal of staying OP (on plan) until the end of the month. Only 14 days so totally doable...especially if I go back to my old ways of saving my flex points for the weekend.

Yesterday was Day 1 of this plan and I got through it no problem. In fact, I had trouble cramming dinner in because it was so late and I wasn't really hungry.

I did add in a very late night snack of NSA Kozy Shack Rice Pudding to help sooth my sore throat (it's about as close to ice cream as I can get in this house!). And there was one Oreo that snuck into my menu, but it was counted for.

All in all, had a great workout and earned those extra activity points and gladly ate em up! Pin It

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Lynn said...

Sounds like a do-able goal, 14 days of being OP! :)