Friday, September 14, 2007

The New Me

This is my new blog for my own personal accountability. My eating habits are all over the map, and today is the day that I start back on the path to the straight and narrow. (OK, fine, at least I "think" I'm getting on the path....and this is gonna help me...)

I expect help from ALL of YOU. Comments, suggestions, goals, and experiences are all welcome. Bring on the new recipes, the tried and true favorite eats, the toning exercises you swear by, and the motivational tips for getting me off my ass.

Current situation:

Weight Watchers Daily Points Allowance = 22 (however, I am supposed to be on maintenance so can usually get away with up to 26 points per day with no gain)

Flex Points = I always use every last one of those 35 points (and sometimes a few more)

Obstacles = I am a snack QUEEN. I don't keep candy or chocolate in the house anymore (most of the time), nor can I resist Cheezies EVER. 100 cal packs are useless to me, and really I just waste money buying them.

Activity = I try to walk the dog for 20-30 minutes at least 5 times a week (lately this has slipped to 2-3 times....poor doggie!).... I attend an intense Muay Thai Kickboxing class twice a week. This is an awesome workout and makes me feel good about not really doing much else.

Toning = This is my biggest goal! I don't care about an extra few pounds, I don't care that my cardio sucks ass. I just care that I have cottage cheese on my bum and my tummy isn't as hard as it once was. (crunches are my biggest problem due to lower back issues)

What else?

I like to cook. I like to try new recipes. It's tough right now just cooking for myself, but DBF will be home in a couple of months and hopefully that will make my meals more interesting. I still try to make something new at least every week or so, so I will post recipes as they come up.

Daily Menus = I will give this a go and see if it helps. I quit WW online and generally try to track my meals on paper, but tend to give up part way through the week. Since posting eats in a blog seems to really work for some of you girls, I think I will give it a shot. (and then you can all point out how many carbs I'm eating and my lack of veggie intake!)

Here I go!!!!!! Pin It

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