Sunday, September 30, 2007

Saturday aftermath

Although I was not planning on staying out late on Friday, I did. So Saturday ended up being a pretty lazy day. Slept til noon. Had a friend over to hang some shelves. Didn't feel like cooking. Laid on couch in front of the tube all night.

I didn't eat much during the day, so by the time dinner rolled around I was starving. Dinner down the road at My Chosen Cafe entailed yummy comfort food. Deluxe Beef Dip w/ onion rings....wooohoooo! Ha, and I let my friend talk me into sharing Mozza Sticks (mmhmmm....twist my rubber arm). I didn't even order diet pop. Bad girl!

And of course, I was missing DBF and feeling lonely and tired so there was a lot of random snacking while watching TV. I can say now that S&S bars and peanut butter cups won't be a problemo...they're gone. I did have an apple around midnight though because my body finally started to hate me.

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