Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday Menu

B = coffee (1), Fruity Cheerios w/ skim milk (3), grapes (1)

S = Nature Valley Fibre Source granola bar (2)

L = Gardennay Santa Fe Corn Chowder (3), baked Tostitos (2), salsa

S = apple (1), Activia ff vanilla yogurt (1)

D = TBD (I might be out, in which case I'm aiming for Subway or Wendy's....If I'm home, I'll go for the grilled veggies & rice w/ some leftover chicken breast chunks) (6-8)

A = zip, zero, ziltch - the one block of time I had for walking the dog it was hammering rain outside. boooo!

and I won't kid myself...there will be a peanut butter cup in there somewhere today...but today's goal is to stay away from the evil S&S bars! Pin It

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