Sunday, September 16, 2007

You don't wanna know!

Saturday's menu went somewhat according to plan....except for the small instance of Taco Time instead of Subway (ooooops, stupid mall food court!) so my 6 point lunch wasn't so much 6 points. Hmmm...and then there was that Orange Julius. I was thirsty dammit! Ugh, and I didn't account for the bowl of Cheetos Crunchits I always have when Mom and I watch a movie. Oh well, that's what the rest of those flex points were for.... right?

It's a good thing I didn't have breakfast today (slept til noon!) cuz for lunch I have leftover Chinese (how could I not?) and one last bowl of Crunchits (with a tiny side of Bridge Mix) before I hit the road.

Good news is that I didn't snack in the car. I drank lots of water. I got 4 bags of local produce for $16 from a farm market on the way home. And I'm not starving so I think I'll just have salad for dinner.

Weigh in is tomorrow. Cross your fingers for no gain! Pin It

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