Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Menu

Yesterday wasn't too bad. I stuck to my menu all day, except ended up going for an extra bowl of ice cream. Booooo! Still no exercise though. I'm off to the chiropractor this afternoon, so that at least gets me outta the house. Maybe I'll feel good enough to go for a walk before I come home. *crosses fingers*

B = coffee (1), Fibre Source bar (2), apple (1)

L = Gardennay brocolli soup (1) w/ leftover rice (1), toast (1) w/ Cheeze Whiz (1) & sliced tomatoes

S = Astro Jeunesse ff vanilla yogurt (2) sprinkled w/ crushed vanilla Mini Wheats (1)

D = leftovers..... spaghetti squash, brussel sprouts, spaghetti (5)

S = Baked Tostitos w/ salsa & light sour cream (4)

H2O = really trying for at least a whole liter today...I would soooo feel better

A = oh please let me walk the dog!! Pin It

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