Monday, October 08, 2007

Monday Menu

No Thanksgiving turkey for me this year. Thank God, cuz I certainly don't need a crazy, over-the-top meal this week!

B = coffee (1), Fibre Source granola bar (2) (more like late morning snack)

L = scrambled Egg Creations (cheese & chive) (2) w/ crumbled bacon (3) on toast (1), sliced tomatoes

S = apple (1) w/ light Laughing Cow cheese (1)

D = Creamy Spaghetti from my new Rachel Ray magazine (10?), spinach salad (2)

H20 = 2 litres

A = walk the dog around the lake (3-4) Pin It

1 comment:

Julie said...

I don't mind you adding me at all!
I actually appreciate it because I thought no one would add me! LOL
I also added yours! I hope that was alright?!
Thanks again!