Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Menu

Stick to my menu plan.
Stick to my menu plan.
Stick to my menu plan.
(If it works for "there's no place like home" then why can't it work for this?)

B = coffee, ff cran/rasp yogurt, fresh canteloup chunks & pomegranate bits
S = banana muffin
L = grilled cheese & tomato sandwich (light cheddar, 1 large piece high fibre bread), cucumber slices
S = apple
D = taco salad w/ refried beans & baked Scoops
S (post gym) = chocolate soy milk, banana muffin

A = walk the dog, kickboxing

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Jen said...

perhaps you should buy some cute shoes to "click" together??? i hear that helps! (but then again, shoes always help me!)

Bi0nicw0man said...

haha, well if I'm not allowed my boots because I blew my October goals, then I guess I'm not allowed new shoes either. Booooo!