Wednesday, October 31, 2007

No guilt!

Due to running late leaving, then my hair appointment running overtime my menu wasn't quite as planned, but it still worked out OK.

I missed my cantaloupe and All-Bran I was able to get chicken strips with my Wendy's baked potato and not feel bad about it. hehe! and I was running so far behind that I didn't stop at Starbucks for a hot drink, so no worries about that evil snack counter. Whew!!

I did have a couple of little treaties from the Halloween bowl, but only a couple instead of a giant mitfull of chocolate!!! I added up my points and everything fit within the day's allotment so I don't feel even a tinge of guilt.

However, I am glad that today is Halloween and I'll be handing out all of that sugary loot to the little kiddies....get it outta here!!! Pin It

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