Monday, October 01, 2007

October Goals

New goal for October. Hmmmm. I think I need to make it a gooder....and figure out a good prize for myself for the end. September's goal worked out OK, but my success rate wasn't as good as I'd hoped....possibly due to no prize for motivation.

I think I'll make it a two-fold endeavor...

Oct 1-15th: WATER! Two litres of water per day, three litres on Kickboxing days.
(1 point per day)

Oct 15-30th: ON PLAN! Staying on point every day up until Halloween. (daily allowance 22-25 points + AP + planned use of FP)
(1 point per day)

This means I could earn up to a total of 30 points. I have a few options for prizes....

If I make at least 90% (27 points) I will get new dress boots (hopefully Town Shoes still has the ones I picked out last week!).

If I make only 80% (24 points) I will get my new LuluLemon hoodie (if they ever get any decent colors in!).

Less than that doesn't deserve a prize!!

Bonus: I will give myself a bonus 5 points each week if I manage to get some sort of activity in at least 5 days that week.

If I make at least 15 of those possible 20 bonus points, plus make the 90% I will allow myself BOTH prizes. (Hmmmm...I'd better start saving my pennies!)
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