Sunday, October 07, 2007

Off to a rocky start....

Foodwise, things have just not been going as planned. Meh.

Friday night I let some friends convince me to meet them at the pub, so my plan of spaghetti squash for supper went out the window...again! I ended up choosing chicken strips and fries at the pub because I was starving by the time I got there. Add two ciders to the mix and the points situation was not great. At least I had taken the dog for an excellent 45 minute walk around the lake before I went out!

Saturday wasn't too bad because I was puttering around the house getting chores done. I had an extra cup of coffee and just a granola bar for breaky, followed by a late lunch of chicken noodle soup and crackers w/ light cream cheese & pickles (I'm addicted to this right now!). But I really didn't feel like cooking later in the night, so went in for take-out. I had the intention of getting Quiznos but Dairy Queen was closer and I caved in to a chicken burger and poutine. Talk about a salt hangover this morning.

Today I had errands to run. I met a friend for coffee and thoroughly enjoyed my Grande Non-Fat Pumpkin Spice Latte....5 points and totally worth it. However, I ended up with a McD's cheeseburger as my "lunch". And those awful, evil, nasty little Brownies were selling the mint Girl Guide cookies and because I hadn't eaten a proper meal I managed to snarf back a whole pile of those. The good news is that I finally had my spaghetti squash dinner tonight and it was super yummy. Now I'm full so hopefully I can keep outta the munchies tonight.

Tomorrow is weigh-in and I'm not expecting good things. Yikes. My water challenge is suffering, and actually come to think of it so is my activity challenge. Not off to a good start. Boooooooo!!

I'm going to cram in another litre of water right now so I can count today! Pin It

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Leanne said...

Hey there...

Just checking out blogs.. about to be around a lot more.. got a new laptop.

I too have been not making the best food choices lately.. starting again today to pay attention...

Happy Turkey day Bionic!