Saturday, October 13, 2007

Somebody stop me!!

Man, this is the worst I have been since I started WW last Summer! Thank God I'm only a few pounds above my goal so that all this cheating isn't totally making me zoom up a pant size or something. It is however making me feel chubby and soft...and that's SOOOOOOO NOT OK!!

Yet again, I started out smooth sticking to my breaky and lunch....but the afternoon cravings hit and since I've been trying not to keep sweet snacks around I was scrounging (yes, actively freaking scrounging!) through the cupboards trying to find something. At least I didn't stoop low enough to get into the baking supplies! That would be an old habit that I just can't go back to at all. Instead I found one of DBF's power bars...and at least it was only a 3-pointer because it's made with Splenda.

So you would think that would do it, wouldn't ya?

Then I made the mistake of skipping my yogurt/cereal snack before going to my chiropractor appointment. So by the time I was running my errands it was dinner time and I was starving. The NSV is that I did manage to avoid the chocolate bars in the Halloween candy section. I just bought suckers and gumballs and such for the kiddies and then got the Hell outta Dodge. But then my tummy was rumbling for dinner....and there was no way I was gonna make it home for leftovers. OK, I coulda, but I caved. Quizno's was right there. And since I haven't a clue of any of Quizno's NI I just ordered what I wanted. There was sauce and's probably not pretty....but it was sure tasty!! But I had it with the brocolli cheese soup....not all that tasty, and certainly not healthy. Oh, and the root beer because the Diet Coke was flat....booooo. I didn't drink all of it though.

Top that off with a mitfull of Skittles in the car (that was supposed to be my big weekend treat, but I sucked most of it back all at once....boooooooooo!)....then some snack nuts and red wine shared with neighbor Jen. Ugh. At least those last few came with good company so I won't complain (much!).

Tomorrow I have a wine tasting with yummy gourmet cheeses and snacks and such. And it's at an awkward time so who knows if I'll get any activity in. I am taking my shoes and Lululemon pants, etc just in case. Doubtful I'm gonna wanna power-walk after a bunch of wines, but might as well be prepared.

I'm going to drink a big jug of water now....and pout myself to sleep. :( Pin It

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