Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday Menu

B = coffee (1), Vanilla Mini Wheats (2) w/ skim milk (1)

L = Healthy Request Clam Chowder (2), wheat thins (4) w/ light smoked salmon cream cheese (1), pickles

S = apple (1), light Laughing Cow cheese (1)

D = TBD - going to a movie, so somehow I think dinner will be sharing popcorn. :)

H2O = 2.5 litres (I fell .5 litre short yesterday so I want to make it up so I can count both days for my goal...yaya, a little cheat but I'm still getting the water!)

A = maybe yoga (1) Pin It

1 comment:

Jen said...

MMM...I have this sick obsession with loving to know what other people's like porn to me...sick and sad, but true!!!

Sounds like you are doing good though your posts REALLY make me want popcorn...and pepperoni!!