Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Menu

Not sure why I've even been bothering to try to pre-plan my menus this week. Being sick has definitely thrown a wrench into most of it. I'm a carb-craving machine! The only thing from yesterday's menu that stuck was the spaghetti squash w/ sauce...and I only ate that because I was lazy. LOL. Oh, and the ice cream of course! I'm feeling a tiny bit better today so I'll give it another go I suppose...

B = coffee (1), Fibre Source bar (2), apple (1)

L = Gardennay brocolli soup (1), toast (1) w/ Cheeze Whiz (1) & tomato slices

S = Wheat Thins (2) w/ light salmon cream cheese (1) & pickles, 100 cal pack Shortbread (2)

D = rice pilaf (3), sauteed prawns w/ fat free Italian dressing (1), sauteed spinach (2), steamed carrots & brussel sprouts

S = ice cream (5)

H2O = you're kidding right? ha! I'll fill my 1 litre bottle and see how it goes.

A = again, hopefully walk the dog (1) Pin It

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