Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Menu

My Mom was here this morning while she waited for my Grandpa to have a procedure done at the hospital, so we went up the road and had some breaky at the local cafe. So yum!! No clue on points though...haha...A LOT!

B = coffee, cheese & bacon omelette, hashbrowns, english muffin w/ pb

S = apple (1)

S = pineapple (1)

D = grilled chicken (3), roasted red potatoes (4), steamed green beans

S = tea, banana bran muffin (1)

H2O = 2 litres

A = it's UGLY outside, so if there's a lull in the blustering rain I'll try to walk the dog (1) Pin It

1 comment:

Jen said...

MM, sucks on the high point breaky, but it sounds super YUMMY!!!