Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I did it!! I made it through a whole day without Halloween chocolate and on-plan!! Wooohooooo!

I managed to stick to my meal plan, except that I swapped the apple for an All-Bran bar because I wanted a cookie with my afternoon coffee....and I forgot my soy milk for after gym, so I had popcorn at the end of the night instead.

I added up my points and actually came in a fair bit under because of my workout, so I could have technically had a treat or two, but decided that I'd come that far and didn't need it.


One day down....let's try for another! Pin It

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Jen said...


That is awesome!!! I wish I could steal a page from your book lately...I am usually so good with just one chocolate bar...but the problem is I bought all my faves this year!! and yes, that is turning out to be a BIG problem!!!