Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wednesday Menu

Just waiting to hear from the doctor as to what my swab says, but I'm betting it's definitely strep again. Yippeeee! My menu went out the window yesterday for sure....I had the cereal and some leftover spaghetti, but the rest of the day was comfort food (which didn't even taste good because my pallate is shot when I'm sick like this). There was a cheesy pepperoni bun thing, some Junior Mints and lots of apple juice.

Today I'm gonna try to get more fruits and veggies in.

B = tea w/ skim milk (.5), Astro Jeunesse vanilla yogurt (2) w/ a sprinkle of All Bran

S = apple (1)

L = leftover spaghetti (5)

D = spaghetti squash w/ pasta sauce (2), sauteed spinach (2), steamed veggies

S = ice cream (5)

H2O = 1 litre if I'm lucky....lotsa apple juice though

A = doubtful, I'll try to walk the dog (1) Pin It

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