Saturday, October 27, 2007

Weekend Plan

I'm heading up island today to visit Mom (and her crazy shaved cat!) so the menu is a little out the window I think. I will do my best, but we generally order Chinese for girl's night in...and even if I behave myself the salt will probably kill me. I'll do my best though!!

This morning is starting off well so far. I'm heading out to walk the dog before taking him to daycare. I've planned an apple and a banana muffin for the car, and am treating myself to a yummy vanilla non-fat Starbucks latte. (I have a little problem with SB...I find it hard to make the drive without it!!)

I will be home early enough tomorrow to get out for another walk with the doggy and make a healthy dinner (I'm thinking Mexican because of all the blog-talk about it lately!). Oh, and I'm gonna carve my pumpkin, so that'll keep my hands busy and out of the treats. :)

Have a great weekend all! Pin It

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