Friday, November 16, 2007

Birthday Update

OK, so I was totally right about the pizza...but you know, it was soooooo worth it. That pizza is so freaking good and we only have a month or so left to enjoy it. Halifax better have pizza that lives up to this stuff!! I got the Popeye's Revenge....spinach, leeks, feta...but don't let that fool you...I doubt it's any healthier than any other pizza because instead of tomato sauce there's an egg, garlic butter base. Whatever, it was soooo good!!

Lunch was a total write-off too. I chose to go for greasy spoon breakfast because it is so rare that we are in town at the right time to go to Floyd's Diner. I had a skillet of pan fried home fries mixed with scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, green onions, etc. It's my fave there!

I didn't get my eggnog latte, but I did get a regular no-fat latte so that wasn't toooo bad. :)

Ha, and there might have been wine with the pizza......

I'll be good today I promise!! I've heard rumours that there is a dinner out tomorrow night so I'm sure that will be a points nightmare too...but at least there will be dancing to work that off....I think. :) Pin It

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