Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday Bad Girl Menu

Poor DBF was soooo sick today. He just felt rotten all day and no amount of Gravol or anything would help. I felt like such a helpless nurse...couldn't really do anything for him.

My timetable was all out of whack today. I got up early, but didn't get straight to work because it's sort of a US holiday. I decided to start watching the What Not to Wear marathon, and worked from the couch until I couldn't sit like that anymore. Then I showered and sat at my desk, and wouldn't you believe it....I was so much more productive that way!

But, my eating timetable and plan was basically non-existant.

B = coffee, cashew bar (3)
L = leftover Chop Suey (3)
S = twizzlers (1)
S = Cheezies (5)
D = cream of mushroom soup, grilled cheese sandwich, ginger ale (12)

And I'm going to eat more Cheezies while I sit on the couch. DBF went back to bed and I'm bored. At least I know what I'm doing!! Pin It

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