Thursday, November 08, 2007

Vegas Experience - Part One


The trek here yesterday wasn't too bad...however we did stop at Chili's in the Seattle airport and they don't serve ANYTHING healthy. I settled on the Spinach & Artichoke Dip because I needed something a bit substantial, but it was completely unhealthy and honestly not very tasty. Good news was that I was able to walk away from it when I decided I didn't like it and didn't need any more of it. My margarita was really salty and too strong too.

I stuck with a small box of Junior Mints for the flight and avoided the drink cart altogether.

Last night we attended the opening night cocktail party for the convention. My drink of choice was vodka/soda (lowest point highball out there!!) and they had many food stations so I was happy to sea a seafood one. Fresh jumbo prawns and huge chunks of fresh crab meat...with an excellent seafood salad. All to die for! Later in the evening we opted for an Asian dinner of pork tenderloin and mixed veggies. So yum!! Followed by a few more vodka/sodas at one of the trendy lounges.

Today I was able to snag a fruit plate and tiny bowl of granola & skim milk for breakfast so that was a relief. For lunch I opted for a really good tuna salad sandwich and bottled water. I did have to try a treat from the European pastry shop though....everything looked so AMAZING!! It was totally worth it!! (I'm going to try to go back for photos after work tonight.)

Tonight we have another cocktail party ( drinks again!), then I'm hoping to convince my partner that we should go to Todd English Olives for dinner. Later on we plan to find a club for some dancing and fun, so maybe I can work off some dinner.

I'm having fun with all of this (aside from how boring work is so far) but can't wait to get home and back into a routine with DBF. It will be nice to get to a couple of kickboxing classes and maybe convince him to start walking with me after work. I'm feeling out of shape and I DON"T LIKE IT! It is nice to have someone else to cook for now my menu planning is getting pretty exciting.

I think I might re-sign up for WW Online just to get me through to Christmas. I can still do it without the major sign up fee and I think I need the control. Pin It

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Jen said...

I KNEW you would have fun in Vegas!!! no more of this "it's only for work" stuff!! Have a blast!!!

I really hate when you are forced to make an unhealthy choice and then it isn't even tasty...I feel so gipped!