Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday Menu

Had to meet up with my bosses today, so skipped breakfast so I could enjoy a big reduced-fat EggNog latte at Starbucks. I did have a Fibre Source bar in the car, so not to worry I wasn't just sucking back coffee for sustinance today.

Funny how those lattes can fill you up though. After my meeting I went grocery shopping and ran a couple of errands, and wasn't even really hungry when I got home. Bizarre. I just ate the leftover boiled potato with a scoop of the cheese sauce and I'm fine (oh, and one diet pop cupcake). So far today my points are right about where they should be.

For dinner tonight I got the ingredients for a Rachel Ray recipe. Hungarian Stewed Beef with egg noodles. I have the No Yolks brand noodles so they are much healthier, and I'm going to substitute olive oil for a bit of the butter in the recipe so at least it will be a healthy oil. I will steam up a veggie to go with the dish too....probably cauliflower. I am also saving room for one beer with dinner.

Hopefully the munchies stay away so no desserts or snacks tonight.....but it is my last hurrah before getting back on the wagon in the morning so I won't feel guilty if something happens. :) Pin It

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