Saturday, November 03, 2007

Thai Treat

Last night's dinner out was a great treat!! I was with some good girlfriends and we decided to check out The Little Thai Place that just opened up a new location.

It smelled sooooooooo good when we walked in. The place lacked a bit in the ambience department, but the room was brand new and you could see through to the kitchen and see that it was brand new and very clean and active. Small room with as many tables as they could fit in, with maybe too many lights, but once we were seated we didn't even notice.

The food was AWESOME!! We shared chicken pad thai (best I've ever had!), a sweet n sour beef dish w/ fresh pineapple, red curried chicken & veggies, steamed rice, and we each had one spring roll with excellent sweet chili dipping sauce. We also shared a jug of beer because Thai food is excellent with beer. Everything was soooo tasty....and it was a good thing there was four of us because there was a ton of food. We packed up leftovers for one of the boyfriends so that we would all quit picking at the plates.

To top it off, it was reasonably priced.... it was only $13.81 each. Can't beat that!! Pin It

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