Thursday, November 01, 2007

Thursday Menu

B = coffee, WATER, ff yogurt, banana
L = grilled cheese (light cheddar on Mini Chefs bread), sliced cukes & tomatoes, WATER
S = All Bran bar, apple
D = Zucchini stix (breaded w/ panko, baked) w/ ranch dip, veggie patty w/ light cheddar & salsa, salad, WATER
S = popcorn

A = walk the dog Pin It


Lynn said...

Those zucchini sticks sound yummy!

Bi0nicw0man said...

They were! And super easy....

I just cut them in half inch rounds, dipped in egg white, then dipped in some seasoned panko breadcrumbs. Baked on a sprayed baking sheet at 375 for about 15 mins. Flipped over, sprinkled with a bit of parmesan and baked until brown. Yum!