Saturday, November 10, 2007

Vegas Experience - Part Three

Ugh, yesterday was the longest day EVER!! Can we say "not enough sleep after long night of partying before travelling is not a good idea"? Yes, yes we can!!

Friday morning I managed to make myself wake-up and get to the exhibit hall with just enough time to grab some breaky before they put the continental buffet away. I went with a scoop of granola with skim milk and some fresh melon and strawberries. And water, lots of water. :)

I got a fair amount of exercise in too....going back and forth to our rooms a few times. I don't know if you've ever been to the Bellagio, but it's freaking massive. Fifteen minute walk just to get from the exhibit hall to the elevators...then another five minutes down the hall to the room. Then the same distance back....geesh, I don't even walk the dog for that long at home! (Note: wear comfortable shoes!)

I had to go to my partner's room to pick up my laptop and such after I had already walked all the way to the exhibit. I had left my stuff in his room when we went clubbing the night before and I guess it didn't occur to him that maybe he ought to bring it to the booth for me. Anyway, the walk was good for me and it meant I wasn't actively having to talk with clients. I stopped at the cafe on the way back and got a big non-fat brain thanked me for that!...but I was lured in by a chocolate croissant too. Willpower is sooooo not my friend when I'm hungover.

A little later in the day, there were huge soft pretzels put out at coffee time in the hall. I ate part of one, but it wasn't really all that great so I tossed it. I did eat my whole double chocolate cookie though...hmmmm, funny that eh? ;)

After we packed up our booth, we decided we wanted to finally try Olives for a late lunch, but wouldn't you know it....they close after lunch and we missed it by like five minutes. So instead we tried out the Buffet. I ended up sticking with a huge plate of salad, cold shrimp & cocktail sauce, and a couple of pieces of sushi. I really wanted to dive into the pasta and entree section, but honestly I didn't want to be full of that when we got on our plane.

At the airport I was excited to find a Starbucks right next to our gate that was serving Christmas got myself a reduced-fat EggNog latte while we waited for them to change the wheel on our plane.

Our layover in Seattle was pretty long so I opted for some Ivar's clam chowder (I almost always get this when I'm in the Seattle airport because Seattle is the only place you can get it!) and there may have been some french fries too.

I'm so glad to be home and rested and back to the land of easier food choices. Not that my choices are going to be much better for the rest of this weekend, but come Tuesday morning I'm back on the wagon dammit!! Pin It

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