Tuesday, November 13, 2007


You are not going to believe this. I still don't.

I didn't weigh myself yesterday even though it was Monday, because I knew I was officially "restarting" today. So I just weighed in now....

And the f*&king scale says 151.4 lbs.

That's my lowest weight in weeks....months probably if I'm honest.

I chose 158 as my restart weight yesterday because last Monday I was 156 and then I had a crazy food-filled week with no exercise. I have been steadily gaining a pound or two a week for over a month so figured I was probably close in my 158 guesstimate.

I know I shouldn't complain about this fabulous number on the scale, but I DON'T GET IT.

Murphy's Law attacks again. I just forked out the $22 for online support and now someone is trying to tell me I don't need it. Well, I'm sticking with it anyway because that was my plan and I'm sure my scale is probably lying (even though I got the same number three times!). Pin It

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Jen said...

*laughs* sorry sweetie, I don't mean to laugh...but what are the chances??? The higher powers must be trying to tell you something...but I agree ,stick with it a bit until the scale tells you otherwise!