Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dietary Disaster

OK, not a disaster, but this "homeless" situation I am in is definitely not making for healthy eating.

Yesterday Mom made me bacon and eggs for my "going away" breaky. Which in and of itself is not a big deal...but I topped it off with a McD's fries & cheeseburger on the drive to Victoria and then a chicken teriyaki bento box for dinner....followed by yet another reduced fat egg-nog latte (it's a good thing egg-nog season is just about over because apparently I have an addiction) then a night of drinking.

Not too heavy on the drinking, but enough that I was dumb enough to think I needed a 1am pita. Argh.

At least it instilled extra water drinking in me!

Today I managed to just stick to a coffee misto with egg nog (although it's probably close to the same calorie count as the stupid reduced fat latte)...but I'm thinking about going to get another one because it's a 2 coffee kind of day and the friend I'm staying with doesn't even own a coffee maker (I know, what was I thinking when I chose to stay here?!!).

Our lunch was crazy high-calorie noodles though. I needed one final trip to Noodle Box before I leave town....even though I haven't been there in a year, apparently I felt it was a must-have today. So peanut sauce w/ coconut milk on a huge serving of noodles with shrimp, chicken & pork. I tried to fool myself by ordering extra greens in it, but who's kidding who? It's creamy creamy peanutty sauce!! At least it was huge and we probably won't bother with dinner. But there is that bag of chocolate almonds sitting on the counter taunting me....

I think I'll go to the store for ff yogurt, bananas, and Fibre Source bars to help me this week. If I can at least have healthy filling breakfasts, I won't feel too horrible about the wierd dinners that keep coming up. I have plans pretty much every night this week before I leave for my cross-country move...and I just can't focus on salad every time when all I really care about is visiting with my friends.

I suppose I should be using all of this blogging time to get outside and go for a walk, but...well, I don't want to!!! The exercise resolution can come into play on Tuesday with everyone else! :) Pin It

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