Monday, December 03, 2007

Home at last!!

Well, believe it or not, I'm only up .6lbs after this past week away. Utterly AMAZING! It feels like a lot more, and I think that's because of my lack of activity. My mid-section is definitely a lot softer these days and there was a new muffin-top over my good jeans which is why I thought I had definitely gained a lot. (Of course, I've been up three weeks in a that would certainly explain it.) I'm happy to see that the weight remained manageable, and I vow to get in as much activity as I can between now and the big move.

You heard it here!! You folks have to hold me accountable to myself.

I WILL WALK THE DOG AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE. I don't care if it snows or sleets or whatever (well, pounding rain I will not do). That's why I have a new Winter coat and mittens dammit. Besides, it'll be a whole lot colder in Halifax so I might as well get used to it.

I WILL GO TO EVERY KICKBOXING CLASS I CAN. There's only a few left available to me before I move, and I want that orange belt!

I WILL DO MY YOGA PODCAST AT LEAST TWICE A WEEK. My flexibility and toning has gone to poop, and I need to fix that.

Thanks everyone. It's good to be back home and back to routine (even if only for a few weeks). Pin It

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