Friday, December 14, 2007

I did it!

I just had to post about it before I head to bed. I did it! I stayed OP and made good choices!!

It helps that it's Mother Hubbard's cupboard and I had tons to do around the house, but still....I did it!

I altered my menu a little. I didn't eat the soup at lunch time, so I had a double serving for a 4 point dinner instead. I was still hungry a couple of hours later, so made a dish of steamed frozen veggies for 1 point (instead of munching on random crackers and whatever was handy). While I cleaned out the cupboards and sorted through what needs to be eaten up or thrown out I decided to have a tiny serving of vanilla Mini Wheats...with skim milk for barely 2 points total.

And with all the running up and down the stairs tonight I'm sure there was at least 1 AP. LOL. Pin It

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