Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm starting to sound like a broken record. I can't stick to my menu plans!!!!

Last night I ended up eating a bowl of Lays potato chips for dinner. How ridiculous is that? I did have a minor NSV on the way home from Kickboxing though.... because I hadn't eaten a proper dinner I was starving, so instead of a drive-thru cheeseburger I stopped at the grocery store and got sushi instead (and only ate half of it)!


B = coffee w/ light egg nog (1)
L = leftover sushi (5)
S = tuna w/ light mayo on Wasa (3)
D = we're eating out AGAIN!

Date night (because DBF is leaving tomorrow morning and we won't see each other again until we arrive in Halifax on Jan-5th): we're heading to Butchart Gardens for Christmas lights and such, then dinner in the yummy Dining Room.

And there will be wine....yummy, yummy wine. Pin It

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