Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Super yummy restaurant!

Yesterday went mostly according to plan...with two exceptions.

1) The weather was ass. Pounding rain. So no walking the dog. Which was fine anyway, because being my first day back to work, I didn't have time to get out. Boooo.

2) I caved in to dessert at dinner. But they were little fancy tasters, so I don't think the damage was toooooo bad.

The entire meal was amazing though. I decided on the warm beet salad instead of the mussels for an appy and it was excellent. I stayed with my scallop choice for the main meal and they were also great. Everyone said everything was fantastic. In fact, the best looking meal was the vegetarian option! We had three amazing bottles of wine (I only tried two)....and we drank sparkling water all night which is a nice treat. Dessert was a trio of tasters (all three barely big enough to make a whole dessert...perfect). I opted for the gourmet carrot cake, gingered crullers (so amazing!!) and hazelnut ice cream with chocolate mint ganache. Ah well, we work hard and we deserve it!! :) Pin It

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Jen said...

mmmmm....I want to go for dinner with you sometime!!