Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday Menu

So points-wise I think I was OK yesterday....however, healthy-wise I wasn't. Instead of the perogies and salad planned for dinner, I ate four of the chocolate haystack cookies I made for DBF. Same points, no nutrition. Boooo on me!

Today is tough because neighbor Jen and I are getting fish n chips. We've been planning it for months (literally, like 6 months!) and this is our last chance before I move. So I am doing it dammit!

B = coffee w/ light egg nog, All Bran bar (3)
S = mandarin (.5)
L = salad w/ light Italian, 1/2 banana w/ tsp pb (3)
S = mandarin (.5)
D = fish n chips (I'm just writing off the remaining 15 daily points....estimating this is way too hard!)

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