Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wednesday Menu

B = coffee, canteloupe, ff yogurt, banana muffin
L = grilled cheese (light cheddar on Little Chefs bread), sliced cukes and tomatoes
S = All Bran bar, apple
D = PC Blue Menu cannelloni (I don't want to prep a meal while handing out Halloween treaties), salad
S = who am I kidding? there will be some sneaking of treats outta the candy bowl!

A = walk the dog Pin It

No guilt!

Due to running late leaving, then my hair appointment running overtime my menu wasn't quite as planned, but it still worked out OK.

I missed my cantaloupe and All-Bran I was able to get chicken strips with my Wendy's baked potato and not feel bad about it. hehe! and I was running so far behind that I didn't stop at Starbucks for a hot drink, so no worries about that evil snack counter. Whew!!

I did have a couple of little treaties from the Halloween bowl, but only a couple instead of a giant mitfull of chocolate!!! I added up my points and everything fit within the day's allotment so I don't feel even a tinge of guilt.

However, I am glad that today is Halloween and I'll be handing out all of that sugary loot to the little kiddies....get it outta here!!! Pin It

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday Menu

B = coffee, ff peach/vanilla yogurt, banana muffin
S = canteloup
L = taco salad w/ refried beans & baked Scoops
S = All Bran bar
D = out, so either Subway or Wendy's
S = something from Starbucks (for keeping warm while waiting to get into the Haunted Cornmaze and CarnEvil) - I'm thinking maybe an extra huge tea for no points! and I will avoid the snack-o-rama case!

A = walk the dog Pin It


I did it!! I made it through a whole day without Halloween chocolate and on-plan!! Wooohooooo!

I managed to stick to my meal plan, except that I swapped the apple for an All-Bran bar because I wanted a cookie with my afternoon coffee....and I forgot my soy milk for after gym, so I had popcorn at the end of the night instead.

I added up my points and actually came in a fair bit under because of my workout, so I could have technically had a treat or two, but decided that I'd come that far and didn't need it.


One day down....let's try for another! Pin It

Monday, October 29, 2007

Weigh In

Well, I'm up just shy of a pound. Not bad, considering. But, boooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! If this isn't motivation to step away from the Halloween candy, nothing will be. Pin It

Monday Menu

Stick to my menu plan.
Stick to my menu plan.
Stick to my menu plan.
(If it works for "there's no place like home" then why can't it work for this?)

B = coffee, ff cran/rasp yogurt, fresh canteloup chunks & pomegranate bits
S = banana muffin
L = grilled cheese & tomato sandwich (light cheddar, 1 large piece high fibre bread), cucumber slices
S = apple
D = taco salad w/ refried beans & baked Scoops
S (post gym) = chocolate soy milk, banana muffin

A = walk the dog, kickboxing

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend went bad...mostly

OK, fine, you caught me. The walk with the dog never happened...can't do that with wet hair. And there might have been a breakfast sandwich with that Starbucks latte on the drive up island. And yes, there was a second helping of Chinese food that was the best Chinese we've had in ages. But at least there was no secret Halloween candy binging while at Mom's house. See, something good!!

Today there was a banana for breakfast.... leftover Chinese for lunch (but only a small portion!)... and although I did manage to pass on any fast food stops on the way home, I did end up with another latte and a cookie from Starbucks. Note to self: don't go into Starbucks hungry!! I did stick to my plan for a point-friendly Mexican dinner though. So good!

I made a taco salad - shredded lettuce, diced tomato, diced avacado, scallions & finely shredded light cheddar. I topped this with salsa and served it with warm, seasoned refried beans and light sour cream. For some crunch I used a few baked Scoops as dippers. So yum!!!

And now I'm keeping myself busy so I'll stay away from that evil Halloween candy! I carved my jack-o-lantern and it's awesome. I might even do another one. See my "Devil Kitty" here. Pin It

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Weekend Plan

I'm heading up island today to visit Mom (and her crazy shaved cat!) so the menu is a little out the window I think. I will do my best, but we generally order Chinese for girl's night in...and even if I behave myself the salt will probably kill me. I'll do my best though!!

This morning is starting off well so far. I'm heading out to walk the dog before taking him to daycare. I've planned an apple and a banana muffin for the car, and am treating myself to a yummy vanilla non-fat Starbucks latte. (I have a little problem with SB...I find it hard to make the drive without it!!)

I will be home early enough tomorrow to get out for another walk with the doggy and make a healthy dinner (I'm thinking Mexican because of all the blog-talk about it lately!). Oh, and I'm gonna carve my pumpkin, so that'll keep my hands busy and out of the treats. :)

Have a great weekend all! Pin It

Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Menu

Today's goal: stay OP and stick to the friggin menu plan!!

B = coffee, banana muffin, ff vanilla yogurt w/ pomegranate
L = tuna melt on Wasa w/ light cheddar & sliced tomatoes
S = apple w/ pb
D = homemade chili w/ yam oven fries
S = baked Scoops w/ salsa

H2O = at least a full litre, the dehydration is sooo obvious at this point!

A = walk the dog, and hopefully yoga podcast tonight (I'm extra stiff from kickboxing this week)

Happy Friday! Pin It

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mom's Chili

This is always a hit and pretty hard to bugger up!

Mom's Chili

1 lb ground beef (lean, extra lean, whatever you like...ground turkey works too!)
1 tbsp olive oil
1 small onion, diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 can tomato soup
1/2 can water
1 can kidney beans (about 1 1/2 cups)
2 splashes vinegar (white is fine, I like balsamic)
1 tsp cayenne pepper or dried red chilies
4 tsp chili powder
1 tsp sugar
salt & pepper

Optional: canned diced tomatoes, corn, and/or if you like it spicy as all hell I have a friend that adds chipolte peppers to it.

You only need one pan. In a large skillet or frying pan sautee the onions and garlic in the olive oil. When translucent, add the beef. Cook until most of the pink is gone. Add the soup and water, stir. Add the kidney beans, stir. Add the seasonings, stir. Reduce to a simmer for about 10 mins. Done. :)

If you are adding the tomatoes, do it when you add the beans. If you are adding corn, do it right at the end. (I tend to just serve corn on the side and add what I like.)

Tastiest on day two. Yummy when topped with some shredded cheddar and/or sour cream. I like it with mashed potatoes too...but Mom always served it with roasted spuds.

This makes about 6 heaping 1-cup servings. Freezes awesome.
WW = I don't know the points...good luck! Pin It

Thursday Menu

B = coffee, banana bran muffin, ff vanilla yogurt w/ pomegranate bits

L = tuna melts on Wasa w/ light cheddar, greens w/ lemon & pomegranate

S = 2 x mini mandarins

D = homemade beef chili w/ egg noodles & steamed veggies

S = baked Scoops w/ salsa, Kozy Shack NSA rice pudding

A = walk the dog Pin It

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Good: had a great kickboxing class, advanced to my last stripe before I get my next belt.

Bad: didn't walk the doggy today.

Ugly: there may have been some creamy, cheesy mushrooms caps after my class....with garlic toast....and a couple of drinks. Pin It

Wednesday Menu

B = coffee, canteloupe w/ ff vanilla yogurt & pomegranate bits, pumpkin muffin

L = greens w/ lemon juice & pomegranate bits, leftover chicken breast

S = Wheat Thins w/ light cream cheese, apple

D = homemade beef chili w/ leftover egg noodles, steamed brocolli

S (post gym) = chocolate soy milk, banana muffin

S = pudding

A = walk the dog, Kickboxing Pin It

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Down with Kimkins

There are a bazillion fad diets out there. Some work, some don't. Some are healthy, some aren't. I was never so overweight that I went looking for something drastic. I'm lucky I suppose. When I decided to lose a few pounds to help with my activity levels and overall health, I didn't shop around for a diet...I went straight to Weight Watchers because I knew that it wouldn't want me to do anything stupid. I knew it would just help me with calorie and portion control and educate me on healthier choices.

Unfortunately, not everyone works that way. Some people need to try different methods to find what works for them. Some people have been battling their weight for a long time and want something that will work fast because they are sick of the fight. I can only imagine the frustration.

Used properly a lot of those fad diet plans can work. Atkins, South Beach, Herbal Magic, whatever. As long as you go over these with your doctor, follow their orders and stick to the diet plans exactly, you will lose weight. You'll probably find that you have to take a lot of extra vitamins and supplements though, because none of those fads work within any proper health guidelines. And chances are, that once you hit your goal weight, you are going to have a hell of a time maintaining that lifestyle long term.

What truly pisses me off about those diets though is how the creators of such things prey on the folks that are looking for help. They go around declaring how fabulous they are, how healthy they are, how celebrities love them, how doctors endorse them...generally it's all a pile of crap. And they all know that they will be outted for the frauds they are eventually, but they'll try to rake in as much cash as they can before that happens. Nice.

Right now, the lying sack of crap that invented the Kimkins Diet is getting her ass sued off. She turned out to be the biggest fraud of them all. She claimed to have created a modified Atkins program on which she lost 198 pounds in only 11 months. The money hungry cow decided it would be great if she set up a website, marketed her plan, and bilked unsuspecting believers into buying into her bullshit "diet".

Turns out that this Heidi Diaz chick is actually morbidly obese...she used pictures from a Russian mailorder bride website as her after shots. Jesus, woman! It's one thing to lie about the program you created, it's a whole other thing that you haven't even lost any weight and claim to be some sort of health expert. You've managed to take it to the extreme level of fraud. Way to play on the insecurities and trust of others.

How can you live with yourself for generating cash by inflicting pain and suffering on innocent believers? It's truly disgusting. These poor people believed in you and you dished them a diet that brought them nothing but massive health loss, heart palpitations, menstrual irregularities....because you convinced these folks that 500 calories a day was OK.

Glad to hear that 11 of your former followers are suing the shit out of you. I hope they take every penny you've earned from this revolting display of unprofessional conduct...and then some. I can't imagine that you will come out of this alive. Even if those 11 plaintiffs can't beat your ass, I'm sure Jessica Alba will be more than happy to come along and sue you for fraud and defamation of character.

How could you have possibly thought this was going to work out? How do you sleep at night?

Brutal. You are going down, bitch!

To see the cartoon more clearly, click here.

For the "before and after" shots, click here.

For more info on the lawsuit, click here.

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Tuesday Menu

B = coffee, cantaloupe w/ ff vanilla yogurt & topped with pomegranate bits

S = pumpkin muffin

L = Santa Fe Corn Chowder, baked Scoops, salsa

S = 2 mini mandarins

D = change in plans! leftover Chicken Noodle casserole, steamed broccoli, mixed greens w/ lemon juice & pomegranate bits

S = Smartpop, Kozy Shack NSA rice pudding

A = walk the dog

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Menu

B = coffee (1), Corn Bran Squares w/ skim milk (3)

S = canteloup (1), ff vanilla yogurt (1)

L = Gardennay Santa Fe Corn Chowder (2), toast w/ light cheddar (3)

S = apple (1), homemade pumpkin muffin (1)

D = leftover Chicken Noodle casserole (6), salad (2)

S (post-gym) = chocolate soy milk (2), All Bran bar (2)

S = canteloup (1), ff vanilla yogurt (1)

H2O = 3 litres (ya right, but that's the goal!)

A = walk the dog (1), kickboxing (6) Pin It

Weigh In

Stayed the same for my weigh-in this morning. Odd. Not sure how I keep maintaining my weight with my crazy eating habits and lack of daily exercise, but I guess this is my body's "happy" weight. Pin It

Recipe - Pumpkin Spice Muffins

I've taken a few liberties with Mandy's Banana Bran Muffin recipe over the last year or so....but most recently I tried turning them into Pumpkin Spice and they turned out pretty good. I had to add a little extra sugar because canned pumpkin isn't as naturally sweet as bananas, but because there's no chocolate chips I figure the points stay about the same.

Pumpkin Spice Bran Muffins

1 1/2 cups All Bran Original
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup skim milk
2 tbsp white vinegar

1 cup flour
1/4 cup Splenda
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
2 tsp pumpkin pie spice

1 heaping cup canned real pumpkin (not pie filling)
1/2 cup unsweetened apple sauce
3 egg whites

Mix All Bran with water, milk, and vinegar. Let sit to get mushy.

In a seperate bowl, combine dry ingredients.

Add the pumpkin, apple sauce and egg whites to the All Bran mixture. Then gradually add and mix in the dry ingredients.

Spoon into a sprayed non-stick muffin pan. Bake at 375 for 18-20 mins. Makes one dozen.

WW = approx 1 point per muffin
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Sunday, October 21, 2007

I fought the giant cookie....

...and won!

Finally! A new NSV!

While running errands today I stopped at Starbucks. I'd missed out on my morning coffee and was in serious need of a caffeine jolt...and the weather was dismal so something warm and yummy always helps!

I was such a good girl. I stuck to the "tall" size as opposed to the "grande" I have been ordering all the time recently. And I completely avoided the snack counter...even though I was hungry...I knew the latte would satisfy me until I got home.

One victory at a time!! Pin It

Sunday Menu

B = Corn Bran Squares w/ skim milk (3), 1 cup coffee (.5)

S = Starbucks tall no-fat pumpkin spice latte (3), homemade pumpkin spice muffin (1)

D = Chicken & Noodle Casserole (6), salad (1)

S = SmartPop (4), 2 x mandarin orange (1) Pin It

Miracle Beer Diet Video

My friend Nicole posted this on my Facebook Funwall. I have been thinking that this blog needed some funny, and here it is!!

Glad I missed the boat on this diet!

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Goals Schmoals

I have removed the October goals from the page, because let's face it...I'm not even f'ing close. I already decided on no LuluLemon hoodie for me...and I don't NEED the boots, so I'll probably talk myself out of those too. I have to save my monies for the move and the REAL Winter clothes I'm gonna need in Halifax anyway.

Instead, I'm just gonna try a few changes. I'm hiding the Halloween candy so that it will be here for when the kiddies come on the actual day. I have planned a new muffin recipe, some diet pop cupcakes and two different comfort-food meals to get me through the week. I am going to get back to my habit of tea and a treat for my evening snack and try to go to bed earlier (I've been staying up way, way, way too late) to try to curb the night time binging.

I think this will work. No prize at the end so I don't feel guilty if I don't get it. The exercise will come with the energy I'll hopefully get back by eating more evenly and getting more sleep.

Hello wagon! I'm baaaack!!! ;) Pin It

Saturday Menu

B = coffee (1.5), Special K bar (2)

L = scrambled Egg Creations sandwich (4), apple w/ light Laughing Cow cheese (1.5)

D = Crockpot Tortilla Soup (2), steamed green beans

S = Smartpop (4), fresh pineapple (1)

This leaves me at least 6 more points, but I got up late and I'm trying not to include any treats today. I'll likely bake some new muffins tonight and am saving room for a couple of those.

H2O = still working on squeaking in a whole litre!

A = walk the dog (1) Pin It


...I need to proofread my posts more. Or get a Thesaurus. I just re-read my binge post from earlier and I said apparently A LOT. Pin It

Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Menu

B = coffee (1), fresh pineapple w/ Astro Jeunesse ff vanilla yogurt (3)

L = Crockpot Tortilla Soup (2), Baked Tostitos w/ light cheddar & salsa (3)

S = small apple w/ wedge of Light Laughing Cow cheese (1)

D = Girls Night Out, but we are going for tapas so I'll try to keep it to small bits and bites....and I'm driving so only a bit of Sangria. :)

WATER WATER WATER - I know I'm dehydrated...I can feel it...maybe if I can get back on the hydration train, the sugar will quit luring me in.

A = it's still disgusting outside, so maybe walk the dog, but it's not looking good Pin It


Ugh, I need to get out of this funk! DBF needs to come home NOW! I don't feel too sad or depressed but my snack binging is telling me differently. I haven't pigged out on crap like this since my pre-WW days.

Between being sick and not being able to exercise, and being sorta sad and lazy I've just lost all motivation. I've had lots of slip-ups along the way, but this is really the first all-out bingerama.

Not for lack of trying. You see it here. I plan good things every day!!! But I can't honestly remember the last time that I actually adhered to my daily plan. It's frustrating the shit out of me, but apparently that's not enough. I'm recognizing and admitting to the issues, but that's apparently not stopping me from rummaging through the Halloween candy leaving a pile of those tiny little wrappers behind or digging out a box of crackers at 11pm or eating the entire 12 point chocolate chunk cookie at Starbucks when I used to be happy with just my yummy latte.

I'm trying one day at a time, but maybe I need to go to the one hour at a time plan.

Come on ladies, post your support for me! I need to feel accountable to someone, and apparently "me" isn't doing it. Today I'll do it for all of you. I love you ladies and I don't want to disappoint.

(Of course, I have a girls night out for dinner tonight so today probably isn't the best....but I'll give it my all...I swear!) Pin It

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Menu

My Mom was here this morning while she waited for my Grandpa to have a procedure done at the hospital, so we went up the road and had some breaky at the local cafe. So yum!! No clue on points though...haha...A LOT!

B = coffee, cheese & bacon omelette, hashbrowns, english muffin w/ pb

S = apple (1)

S = pineapple (1)

D = grilled chicken (3), roasted red potatoes (4), steamed green beans

S = tea, banana bran muffin (1)

H2O = 2 litres

A = it's UGLY outside, so if there's a lull in the blustering rain I'll try to walk the dog (1) Pin It

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wednesday Menu

B = coffee (1), banana bran muffin (1), fresh pineapple (1)

L = Mexican Crockpot Soup (2), baked Scoops (2) w/ light cheddar (1) & salsa

S = apple (1), Halloween chocolate (4)

D = grilled chicken breast (3), roasted red potatoes (4), steamed veggies

S (post-gym) = chocolate soy milk (2), banana bran muffin (1)

H2O = 3 litres

A = walk the dog (1), kickboxing (6) Pin It

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

And by Subway....

...I apparently meant White Spot. Cuz you know, a White Spot BC Burger with fries is exactly the same as a Turkey Sub w/ no cheese. Ugh. Why do I do it? Pin It

Recipe - Mexican Crockpot Soup

Mexican Crockpot Soup
(aka Crockpot Tortilla Soup...but since there isn't any tortillas in it I thought that was weird!)

8 oz. raw, cubed chicken breast
2 cups frozen corn
1 small diced onion
2 tbsp minced garlic
4 cups chicken broth
10 oz. (approx) canned diced tomatoes, drained and pureed
10 oz. (approx) canned diced tomatoes, left chunky
1 tin Mexican green chilies (hot)
1 cup canned black beans, rinsed and drained
1 tsp salt
1 1/2 tblsp cumin
2 tblsp chili powder
1/4 tsp fresh black pepper
1 tsp dried oregano
chopped fresh cilantro

Combine everything except black beans and cilantro in crockpot/slow cooker. Cook on high for 5-6 hours. About 1 hour before ready to eat, add black beans. Taste and reseason if desired.

Stir in a sprinkle of fresh cilantro when serving (don't add to the whole pot, just add to individual servings). Also yummy, with a swirl of light sour cream as a garnish.

You could also add some cooked rice when serving it to help bulk it up.

WW = 1 point per cup (not counting sour cream or rice) Pin It

Tuesday Menu

B = coffee (1), banana bran muffin (1), fresh pineapple (1)

L = Crockpot Tortilla Soup (2), Baked Scoops (2) w/ salsa

S = apple (1), banana bran muffin (1), Halloween size PB cup (2)

S = tall vanilla non-fat latte @ Starbucks (3)

D = out, probably Subway (6" turkey breast, no cheese, easy mayo, extra pickles) (7ish)

H2O = 2 litres

A = walk the dog (1) Pin It

Good and Bad

My exercise for yesterday didn't quite pan out as planned (no kickboxing = bad), but Mojo and I had a nice, crisp (but cold!) walk finally (good) he was a happy puppy. I really wanted to take him for a good long walk around the lake, but I worked late and it's getting dark earlier now. It was still somewhat light out, but not enough for me to be comfortable walking the trails around the lake by myself. I guess the lake walks will only be on weekends now, unless I get out of work really early.

I got some interesting news yesterday and spent a ton of time on the phone, so my morning and afternoons eating was a little out of sorts. In the evening I couldn't resist the Halloween chocolate (those tasty little Oh Henrys called to me = bad), but points wise it was fine because I'd missed out on several items earlier in the day. Not totally healthy, but I'd had a fair amount of fruit and veggies (fresh pineapple, yum = good) so I don't feel too terribly bad about it.

Didn't manage to get the water done though (bad). I don't know how I'm gonna do this now that the weather has turned cold. I've been trying to come up with bright ideas for a year and a half now, and nothing seems to work. I either drink the water or I don't. Meh. Pin It

Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Menu

B = coffee (1), banana bran muffin (1), fresh pineapple (1), Astro Jeuness ff vanilla yogurt (1)

S = apple (1)

L = leftover rice (2) w/ sauteed veggies (2), tuna salad (2) on Wasa (1)

S = banana bran muffin (1)

D = Crockpot Tortilla Soup (1), Baked Tostitos Scoops (2) w/ light cheddar (1) & salsa

S (post-gym) = chocolate soy milk (2), Special K bar (2)

S = apple (1) w/ light Laughing Cow Cheese (1)

A = walk the dog! (1), Kickboxing (6)

H2O = 3 litres (gasp!) Pin It

Monday morning epiphany!

OK, so I'm trying this again. Re-commitment! I'm not totally sick anymore...for the first time in a bazillion years (or so it feels like) so really I have no more excuses for not walking the dog, drinking my water, or the snack binging. I want to try to finish out my monthly goals, even if I can't make it to my prizes....I just wanna feel better! I will combine my water challenge with my OP challenge for the next two weeks.

Weigh-in this morning wasn't too bad - only up .6lbs. It just feels like more. Pin It

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Somebody stop me!!

Man, this is the worst I have been since I started WW last Summer! Thank God I'm only a few pounds above my goal so that all this cheating isn't totally making me zoom up a pant size or something. It is however making me feel chubby and soft...and that's SOOOOOOO NOT OK!!

Yet again, I started out smooth sticking to my breaky and lunch....but the afternoon cravings hit and since I've been trying not to keep sweet snacks around I was scrounging (yes, actively freaking scrounging!) through the cupboards trying to find something. At least I didn't stoop low enough to get into the baking supplies! That would be an old habit that I just can't go back to at all. Instead I found one of DBF's power bars...and at least it was only a 3-pointer because it's made with Splenda.

So you would think that would do it, wouldn't ya?

Then I made the mistake of skipping my yogurt/cereal snack before going to my chiropractor appointment. So by the time I was running my errands it was dinner time and I was starving. The NSV is that I did manage to avoid the chocolate bars in the Halloween candy section. I just bought suckers and gumballs and such for the kiddies and then got the Hell outta Dodge. But then my tummy was rumbling for dinner....and there was no way I was gonna make it home for leftovers. OK, I coulda, but I caved. Quizno's was right there. And since I haven't a clue of any of Quizno's NI I just ordered what I wanted. There was sauce and's probably not pretty....but it was sure tasty!! But I had it with the brocolli cheese soup....not all that tasty, and certainly not healthy. Oh, and the root beer because the Diet Coke was flat....booooo. I didn't drink all of it though.

Top that off with a mitfull of Skittles in the car (that was supposed to be my big weekend treat, but I sucked most of it back all at once....boooooooooo!)....then some snack nuts and red wine shared with neighbor Jen. Ugh. At least those last few came with good company so I won't complain (much!).

Tomorrow I have a wine tasting with yummy gourmet cheeses and snacks and such. And it's at an awkward time so who knows if I'll get any activity in. I am taking my shoes and Lululemon pants, etc just in case. Doubtful I'm gonna wanna power-walk after a bunch of wines, but might as well be prepared.

I'm going to drink a big jug of water now....and pout myself to sleep. :( Pin It

Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Menu

Yesterday wasn't too bad. I stuck to my menu all day, except ended up going for an extra bowl of ice cream. Booooo! Still no exercise though. I'm off to the chiropractor this afternoon, so that at least gets me outta the house. Maybe I'll feel good enough to go for a walk before I come home. *crosses fingers*

B = coffee (1), Fibre Source bar (2), apple (1)

L = Gardennay brocolli soup (1) w/ leftover rice (1), toast (1) w/ Cheeze Whiz (1) & sliced tomatoes

S = Astro Jeunesse ff vanilla yogurt (2) sprinkled w/ crushed vanilla Mini Wheats (1)

D = leftovers..... spaghetti squash, brussel sprouts, spaghetti (5)

S = Baked Tostitos w/ salsa & light sour cream (4)

H2O = really trying for at least a whole liter today...I would soooo feel better

A = oh please let me walk the dog!! Pin It

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Menu

Not sure why I've even been bothering to try to pre-plan my menus this week. Being sick has definitely thrown a wrench into most of it. I'm a carb-craving machine! The only thing from yesterday's menu that stuck was the spaghetti squash w/ sauce...and I only ate that because I was lazy. LOL. Oh, and the ice cream of course! I'm feeling a tiny bit better today so I'll give it another go I suppose...

B = coffee (1), Fibre Source bar (2), apple (1)

L = Gardennay brocolli soup (1), toast (1) w/ Cheeze Whiz (1) & tomato slices

S = Wheat Thins (2) w/ light salmon cream cheese (1) & pickles, 100 cal pack Shortbread (2)

D = rice pilaf (3), sauteed prawns w/ fat free Italian dressing (1), sauteed spinach (2), steamed carrots & brussel sprouts

S = ice cream (5)

H2O = you're kidding right? ha! I'll fill my 1 litre bottle and see how it goes.

A = again, hopefully walk the dog (1) Pin It

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wednesday Menu

Just waiting to hear from the doctor as to what my swab says, but I'm betting it's definitely strep again. Yippeeee! My menu went out the window yesterday for sure....I had the cereal and some leftover spaghetti, but the rest of the day was comfort food (which didn't even taste good because my pallate is shot when I'm sick like this). There was a cheesy pepperoni bun thing, some Junior Mints and lots of apple juice.

Today I'm gonna try to get more fruits and veggies in.

B = tea w/ skim milk (.5), Astro Jeunesse vanilla yogurt (2) w/ a sprinkle of All Bran

S = apple (1)

L = leftover spaghetti (5)

D = spaghetti squash w/ pasta sauce (2), sauteed spinach (2), steamed veggies

S = ice cream (5)

H2O = 1 litre if I'm lucky....lotsa apple juice though

A = doubtful, I'll try to walk the dog (1) Pin It

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tuesday Menu

It seems the strep throat is making a return. Argh! This is so frustrating!! Although it does explain my lethargy over the last few days.

Hopefully it doesn't start to hurt like hell again before I get yet another prescription! Here's the's hoping I can actually eat it!

B = coffee (1), vanilla Mini Wheats (2) w/ skim milk (1)

S = Astro Jeunesse vanilla yogurt (1), canned mandarins (.5)

L = leftover spaghetti (5)

D = leftover spaghetti squash w/ sauce, veggies & chicken (3), sauteed spinach (2)

S = apple (1) w/ light Laughing Cow cheese (1)

H2O = 2 litres

A = not much....hopefully walk the dog (1) Pin It

Monday, October 08, 2007

Monday Menu

No Thanksgiving turkey for me this year. Thank God, cuz I certainly don't need a crazy, over-the-top meal this week!

B = coffee (1), Fibre Source granola bar (2) (more like late morning snack)

L = scrambled Egg Creations (cheese & chive) (2) w/ crumbled bacon (3) on toast (1), sliced tomatoes

S = apple (1) w/ light Laughing Cow cheese (1)

D = Creamy Spaghetti from my new Rachel Ray magazine (10?), spinach salad (2)

H20 = 2 litres

A = walk the dog around the lake (3-4) Pin It


Will wonders never cease? Monday morning weigh-in NO GAIN! Stayed the same. I will take it! Pin It

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Off to a rocky start....

Foodwise, things have just not been going as planned. Meh.

Friday night I let some friends convince me to meet them at the pub, so my plan of spaghetti squash for supper went out the window...again! I ended up choosing chicken strips and fries at the pub because I was starving by the time I got there. Add two ciders to the mix and the points situation was not great. At least I had taken the dog for an excellent 45 minute walk around the lake before I went out!

Saturday wasn't too bad because I was puttering around the house getting chores done. I had an extra cup of coffee and just a granola bar for breaky, followed by a late lunch of chicken noodle soup and crackers w/ light cream cheese & pickles (I'm addicted to this right now!). But I really didn't feel like cooking later in the night, so went in for take-out. I had the intention of getting Quiznos but Dairy Queen was closer and I caved in to a chicken burger and poutine. Talk about a salt hangover this morning.

Today I had errands to run. I met a friend for coffee and thoroughly enjoyed my Grande Non-Fat Pumpkin Spice Latte....5 points and totally worth it. However, I ended up with a McD's cheeseburger as my "lunch". And those awful, evil, nasty little Brownies were selling the mint Girl Guide cookies and because I hadn't eaten a proper meal I managed to snarf back a whole pile of those. The good news is that I finally had my spaghetti squash dinner tonight and it was super yummy. Now I'm full so hopefully I can keep outta the munchies tonight.

Tomorrow is weigh-in and I'm not expecting good things. Yikes. My water challenge is suffering, and actually come to think of it so is my activity challenge. Not off to a good start. Boooooooo!!

I'm going to cram in another litre of water right now so I can count today! Pin It

Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday Menu

B = coffee (1), Activia ff raspberry yogurt (1) - I got up late

L = Healthy Request clam chowder (2), wheat thins (2), light salmon cream cheese (1), pickles

S = apple (1), light Laughing Cow cheese (1)

D = (I was supposed to have this last night, so we'll try again!) - spaghetti squash w/ pasta sauce w/ shredded chicken breast, onions & mushrooms (6)

S = cookies & milk (9)

H2O = 2 litres (I failed miserably yesterday)

A = walk the dog (1) Pin It

Little Victories

As predicted, dinner last night was popcorn at the theatre. I did share with my friend though, and passed the entire bag off to him after I felt full, so I'll take that as my NSV for the day. I didn't eat any of the Nibs that he got with it either. And I only sipped enough pop to quench the salty popcorn. No clue as to my points consumption though.

Oh, and I ate two FABULOUS chocolate chip cookies that he brought me from his work. However, he gave me five, so eating only two is quite a victory for me. Homemade cookies are quite often my kryptonite. Pin It

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday Menu

B = coffee (1), Vanilla Mini Wheats (2) w/ skim milk (1)

L = Healthy Request Clam Chowder (2), wheat thins (4) w/ light smoked salmon cream cheese (1), pickles

S = apple (1), light Laughing Cow cheese (1)

D = TBD - going to a movie, so somehow I think dinner will be sharing popcorn. :)

H2O = 2.5 litres (I fell .5 litre short yesterday so I want to make it up so I can count both days for my goal...yaya, a little cheat but I'm still getting the water!)

A = maybe yoga (1) Pin It

Junk free!

While grocery shopping last night I didn't buy any cookies, granola bars, bad snackies or ice cream! Yaaieee me!! This was a significant NSV since I've been feeling sorta depressed about DBF still not being home and have been filling that void with food at night.

Managed to mostly stick to my menu for the day...and the few points I strayed were just popcorn. Nice! Pin It

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Wednesday Menu

B = coffee (1), Fibre Source bar (2)

L = tuna salad (2) on Wasa (1), apple (1), light Laughing Cow cheese (1)

S = pepperoni sticks (3)

D = leftovers = steak (3), roasted red potatoes (3), steamed carrots (1)

S (post-gym) = chocolate soy milk (2)

S = cookies & milk (5)

H20 = 3 litres

A = kickboxing (6) Pin It

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tuesday Menu

B = coffee (1), apple (1), Laughing Cow light cheese (1)

L = tuna salad (2) on Wasa (1), carrot sticks w/ ranch dip (1)

S = Activia ff raspberry yogurt (1), Fibre Source bar (2)

D = steak (4), roasted dijon red potatoes (3), steamed brocolli

S = lefover popcorn (NO BUTTER!) (2), cookies & milk (3)

A = walk the dog (1), yoga (1)

H2O = 2 litres Pin It


I'm stealing a little something from Mousaroo. Good, Bad, Ugly. Not as a regular thing, just for today because it's fitting.

Good = I got my 2 litres of water in yesterday. In fact, I got like 2.5 litres. And I liked it...I was obviously dehydrated. Wooo!

Bad = I didn't get any activity in. My shoulder and upper back are stiff and causing me grief so I opted to skip kickboxing. I shoulda done my iPod yoga, but didn't.

Ugly = Snack-o-rama binge last night. Ugh. Cookies & milk. more cookies. extra pepperoni sticks. almost the entire sack of individual packs of Swedish Berries. popcorn WITH BUTTER. Ridiculous. Pin It

Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday Menu

B = coffee (1), Fruity Cheerios w/ skim milk (3)

L = grilled ff cheese & tomato sandwich (4), carrot sticks (0)

S = apple (1), light Laughing Cow cheese (1)

D = sauteed mixed veggies w/ olive oil (2), chicken chunks (3), over basmati rice (3)

S = mini pepperoni stix (3), popcorn (2)

H2O = 2 litres

A = yoga (1) Pin It

October Goals

New goal for October. Hmmmm. I think I need to make it a gooder....and figure out a good prize for myself for the end. September's goal worked out OK, but my success rate wasn't as good as I'd hoped....possibly due to no prize for motivation.

I think I'll make it a two-fold endeavor...

Oct 1-15th: WATER! Two litres of water per day, three litres on Kickboxing days.
(1 point per day)

Oct 15-30th: ON PLAN! Staying on point every day up until Halloween. (daily allowance 22-25 points + AP + planned use of FP)
(1 point per day)

This means I could earn up to a total of 30 points. I have a few options for prizes....

If I make at least 90% (27 points) I will get new dress boots (hopefully Town Shoes still has the ones I picked out last week!).

If I make only 80% (24 points) I will get my new LuluLemon hoodie (if they ever get any decent colors in!).

Less than that doesn't deserve a prize!!

Bonus: I will give myself a bonus 5 points each week if I manage to get some sort of activity in at least 5 days that week.

If I make at least 15 of those possible 20 bonus points, plus make the 90% I will allow myself BOTH prizes. (Hmmmm...I'd better start saving my pennies!)
Pin It

Weigh In Surprise

Down .4 pounds. Nice! Imagine if I had actually drank my water this weekend, gotten out to walk the dog more, and not eaten over my points on Saturday. haha, ah well, I'll take it! Pin It