Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It's here! 2008!!

Happy New Year!!!

So many of you have written about your 2008 resolutions recently. I don't think I've ever had a real New Years resolution in my life. I am usually from the camp of "when I make a resolution I don't need a special time of year to do it". However, for the last few months I haven't been resolving to do anything to do with my health.

My daily activity has become null lately. I haven't done the daily walks with the dog since the first week of November when DBF returned from Halifax. My kickboxing class ended the week before Christmas and because I'm moving I haven't signed up for anything else. Í have been using this move as my excuse to become fairly inactive.

There really is no good excuse. I have an excellent 20 minute yoga podcast I can literally do anywhere. I could be out walking almost any day because the weather here on the West Coast has been pretty forgiving so far this Winter. I have all the instructions for the Couch to 5K that I could be starting.


I am resolving to keep on top of my activity this year.

I am already actively looking for a gym in Halifax so I can spend some time with a trainer learning how to properly use the equipment to my advantage. I want to take on a fitness class or two to pick up where kickboxing left off. DBF and I want to take dance lessons (although he is away A LOT so that proves problematic for us) and I would love to have better cardio ability for that. I aim to firm up my body and really work on strength training this year...and really show off the hard work I did to lose and maintain my 20lb+ weight loss.

So ladies and gentlemen, you've heard it here. Activity is my new best friend for 2008!!

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Jen said...

YAY! Way to make an awesome resolution!!!

I agree, I don't need a SPECIAL day to do things...but I love the idea of a "fresh start"...so I am a sap for Resolutions...

Vanessa aka Wheebs said...

That's a great resolution! Good luck reaching your goals this year :)

Angie All The Way said...

Gyms in Halifax: depending on where you will be will also play a factor. Believe it or not, the YMCA on South Park is a pretty good gym and they have lots of classes etc. There's also all kinds of Nubody's too which I have never actually been to. I really enjoyed the GoodLife gym at Joseph Howe Superstore too for the classes (but that one's women's only). I currently go to the DalPlex because there's a swimming pool and I needed it for my rehab but I'm not sure I'll be staying there past the Spring. I hope that helps some. I know there's way more too...there's an Anytime Fitness on Kearney Lake Rd and a new gym which I can't think of the name out in the back of Bayers Lake but I've never been to either of those ones. Hope that helps a little.

There's also separate places for dance and I know of a dance studio in Fairview/Clayton park (I think where Titus turns into Lacewood Drive.

I'm probably confusing you more than anything! When are you moving here?