Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday Menu

B = coffee, 1/2 banana, Fibre Source bar (4)
S = ff vanilla Activia yogurt (2)
L = not much left in the room! baby carrots w/ leftover lf ranch, 2 x wedge light Laughing Cow, handful of multigrain Wheat Thins (4)
S = apple, handful of Crispy Tortillaz (3)
D = I'm hoping to go for sushi tonight, or at least to find some at Superstore (8)


If I get bored and feel like a snack later, it'll be an All-Bran bar and some decaf tea. Ugh, why didn't I think of that last night?

Activity = walk the dog, 20 min yoga for core, 20 pushups/50 crunches/50 squats Pin It

1 comment:

Jen said...

mmmm....i always forget about Crispy Tortillaz...I know what I am buying this weekend!!!

OOH, and must be hungry!!!

Hope your day isn't too boring!!!