Thursday, January 31, 2008

Today I'm eating...

- coffee
- Source lemon parfait yogurt w/ blueberries
- 1/2 banana
- PC Blue Menu oatmeal bagel w/ light cream cheese & sliced tomato
- apple
- baby carrots
- banana bran muffin
- Dinner: undecided, but maybe chicken stew if I have time to make it
- tea
- Kashi granola bar (PB)


Activity: walk the dog (it's sooooo nice out!), 20 crunches/100 squats/20 pushups

Water: 2 litres Pin It


Jen said...

YAY!! You joined the Kashi side!!! the peanut one is YUMMY!!!

(just don't put it in the fridge, it makes it a bitch to eat!)

Bi0nicw0man said...

Actually, I didn't like it. I'm soooo disappointed. It's dry and kind of stiff and not very peanuty. booooo! I'm hoping the other one will be better.

Amuldoon said...

Damn.. you do 100 squats?

PS- I was not a fan of the peanut one either.

Bi0nicw0man said...

haha, I do my squats in at least 2 sets of 50...sometimes 4 sets of 25 throughout the day...and I'm only doing extra because my back is bothering me and I can't do as many crunches as I would like.