Friday, February 01, 2008

Today I'm eating...

- coffee
- banana bran muffin
- Source lemon parfait yogurt w/ fresh blackberries
- PC Blue Menu oatmeal bagel w/ light cr. cheese & sliced toms
- baby carrots
- pickles
- apple
- Kashi bar (dark chocolate/cherry)**
- tea
- Mandy's Chicken Stew w/ Bisquick biscuits


Activity: walk the dog, clean the house, 20 pushups/50 squats/20 crunches

Water: 2 litres

** Note: I am SERIOUSLY disappointed in the Kashi bars. Yesterday's PB one was as dry as sawdust...and almost as flavourless. I'm all for healthy and appreciate that they don't have high fructose corn syrup, but I am unwilling to give up taste for something this yucky. I'm hoping the chocolate/cherry one is better, but I'm not holding my breath. Unfortunately I spent $6 on these so I'll probably eat them just out of principle. Pin It

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