Thursday, February 28, 2008


Well, the good news is that I didn't have that "empty" feeling last night, so didn't feel the need to oversnack.

The bad news is that I didn't get hardly any water in yesterday.

So, I guess the water is definitely the reason for the feeling. Not sure what I should do. I know my water intake doesn't really affect my weight loss/maintenance all that much because I've always fluctuated on how much water I drink...but I am really dehydrated and I can feel it in my skin, etc. Part of that is from the change in climate, but mainly it's from my lack of water. I think maybe my best bet is to introduce it slowly...rather than going from one glass per day to eight, maybe I'll try upping it by one or two glasses at a time to see if that helps to squash that ridiculous hollow feeling.

On another note, I had a revelation last night while watching TV. As long as the show was on I was fine. The minute a commercial came on and I wasn't caught up in the program, my mind immediately turned to food. How nuts is that?! Thankfully I was watching a recorded show, so I quickly forwarded through the commercials and got back to the storyline. Weird though. Pin It


Jen said...

Yeah, sometimes water fills me up and others it makes me hungry...I don't have a specific correlation between them ,BUT I agree with what you said, perhaps you should introduce it a small step at a time!!

I ALWAYS record/download my shows now because I am the EXACT same way!!!! (PLus, I spend less time in front of the tv that way too!! AND don't avoid doing things because I would miss a show...poor excuse!)

Mandy said...

I guess you have to just record EVERYTHING! :) Great observance of a habit though - it's so important to note when we have cravings, the easier to combat them when we fully understand them. You go girl!

ashley said...

That happens to me TOO! I think it has a lot to do with the advertising- most of it is food! And ads are loder, so maybe it's like they're screaming: "EAT!"?