Saturday, February 23, 2008

Friday Night NSV!

And the hits just keep on coming!!

I had changed my dinner plan to try out a new Blue Menu seafood dish I had seen advertised, but when I went looking for it and it was out of stock I didn't falter. I was hungry and so easily could have succumbed to something else, but instead headed straight for the deli and picked up the sushi I had originally planned for the day.

While I stood in line to pay, I could hear those dangerous checkout items calling me....chocolate bars, Ben & Jerry's (whose brilliant idea was it to put a mini-freezer at the express checkout anyway?!), Humpty's snack mix. But they didn't get me!!!

I enjoyed my sushi and finally settled that craving I've had for two weeks. After dinner, I was restless, so again I made a cup of tea and sat at the table reading my paper. I stayed off the couch until it was time to watch my movie, because laying on the couch too much triggers my boredom and my snack cravings.

Once I put the movie in, I was craving something instead of having my planned yogurt I opted for a serving of dry Corn Bran Squares and it totally worked!!

I feel so good that I made it through this whole week IN CONTROL! Now when I go out tonight for dinner, drinks and a concert I won't feel bad about enjoying myself because I know I have the points and I deserve it. Yaaieeee! Pin It


Jen said...

That is SOOOOO awesome Jamie!!!!

I agree, something about the couch just does me in at times!!!

Which blue menu seafood thing??? Is it the appetizer one or the one with the calamari, shrimp and scallops??? I had the second one over pasta one night and it was TASTY (though very small portions!!)

Bi0nicw0man said...

It's the en papillote Seafood Trio thingy. They advertise it constantly on TV here.

meredi said...

Oh, let us know how the en papillote is! I saw it in the Insider's Report and was intrigued.

Anyway, congrats on the NSV! You are totally rocking this week.

My main problem lately has been couch cravings too (well, computer chair cravings, but close enough -- I watch TV at my computer!). Boredom always makes me want something in my mouth. I wish there was some easy way to prevent those cravings -- I think the only thing (for me) is to not watch TV, period! Yeah right :)