Wednesday, February 20, 2008

NSV Day Two!!

OMG...I'm so proud...I'm on a roll!!

I had an appointment this morning with my Financial Planner. I didn't have the time (or inclination) to make coffee before I left, but I told myself it was important to have breakie before I went out, so I did.

My Planner's office is in the mall, so of course I had to do some window shopping when I was done. :) I accidentally wandered around the corner into the food court, and it all smelled so good...but I reminded myself that I wasn't hungry and carried on. Yaieee!

Instead, I went for a coffee. And instead of the big latte I would normally get, I happily ordered a really big regular coffee with skim milk and raw sugar. And it was sooooo good!! I didn't even miss the latte.

Then I ran a bunch more errands and did start to get hungry, but instead of getting sucked into drive-through I just toughed it out and came home to the yummy lunch I already had planned.

It must be the good weather!! I'm wearing something other than yoga pants and actually put make-up on these last two days. It sure helps to keep me on track when I'm not bored and I'm feeling more chipper. Hello Spring!! Pin It

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