Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Holy crap, when was the last time I even took notice of a personal NSV? It's literally been months. Either I'm really bored and this is an attempt at something exciting, or I really have been slacking in the taking care of ME department.

While in Walmart tonight, I was just supposed to be checking to see what grocery items were on sale and looking for a file cabinet. Of course, I got sucked into the Easter Candy Void. First, I grabbed a bag of Hershey's miniatures to replace the ones of DBF's that I've eaten. Then, I found my beloved Eggies so threw a bag of those in my basket. Then proceeded to wander up and down each and every food aisle....managing to end up with some new granola bars and refrigerated pudding cups and and and....

Then I remembered that I wanted a fruit & nut mix for this new breakfast thing I'm going to try out. This is where I had my NSV believe it or not. I found a bag of dried pineapple...which I LOVE. I told myself I couldn't have it because I already had too many treats in my basket...THEN I realized that the pineapple would be a much healthier choice than the Eggies and I put those back!!! That's actually a miracle, not just an NSV. This led me to realize I didn't need to replace DBF's chocolate just yet, so I put those back...and that I so don't need yet another box of granola bars, so back those went too.

I did hold on to the pudding cups, but those aren't a trigger food for me like the chocolate is so they'll be a good thing to keep in the fridge. Besides, they are only 100 cals each, as opposed to the Eggies which were 260 cals for 1/3 cup.

To top this off, I got hungry while grocery shopping, but instead of making a bad choice I just hurried myself along and came home for the dinner I already had planned.

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Julie said...

Way to go!!
I don't know how you put the eggies back...I don't think if they were in my cart I would have had the power to put them back where they belong!!

Jen said...

WOW!!!!! That is amazing!!!!

It is one thing to pick up healthy food but to put the other stuff back????!!!! AND avoid eating crap instead of dinner!!! I bow to you dear Jamie!

Anonymous said...

What good interlocutors :)