Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shopping Revelation

Some girls go shoe shopping or clothes shopping or hell, even appliance shopping when they are bored. I go grocery shopping. And not necessarily because I have an obsession with food or that I need to find junk, I guess I just like grocery shopping. But what this leads to is an overabundence of food in the fridge/freezer/cupboard....and especially the crisper. I decide that I should make some new recipe but it ends up making like 8 servings and I cram at least half of them in the freezer and forget all about them.

DBF just left for three weeks. I don't need enough produce to feed two people, yet I found it necessary to buy cauliflower AND brocolli AND more bananas AND a tub of arugula just because. Not to mention that I already have 257 breakfast options at home, but then decided I needed to buy english muffins and cottage cheese too. And why did I buy sour cream? I have nothing in mind for it, it's just one of those things I figure I should have on hand. At least I managed to avoid the granola bar aisle...seeings as I already have FOUR open boxes of those.

My point is that for the next couple of weeks I need to design my menus around the piles of stuff I already have on hand and find something other than grocery shopping to occupy me when I'm bored. So my menus may look a bit wierd for a while, but I bet I save at least $50 on groceries. Pin It

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eurydice said...

good idea - i hate wasting food