Friday, February 22, 2008

Snack Attack

While cruising through the organic foods section at the grocery store the other night, I landed up in the non-dairy beverage section. I used to regularly stock up on drink boxes of flavored soy milk for after my kickboxing classes, but since I haven't started up a new activity since we moved I haven't been keeping any on hand.

I happened upon the Almond Breeze that I always read about on She constantly recommends the sugar-free vanilla version. Well, I couldn't find the sugar-free one, but I picked up a litre of the regular vanilla and it's delicious! Tastes like dessert in a glass! With basically the same calories and other nutritionals as skim milk, it's a nice treat for a change. No chalky taste like most soy beverages.

I've had it straight up, in my coffee, heated in the microwave for a warm evening drink, and over some cereal. Next I want to try it on oatmeal and I'm looking forward to making iced coffees with it when the Summer finally gets here!

I tried to pick up the chocolate version last night, but the store was out. Can you imagine? It'll be like drinking a glass of chocolate almonds...yum!!!
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Jen said...

Mmmm, I bought the unsweetened regular last week and I didn't really love it so much (because it was a bit bland) but it pumped up my cereal and my smoothie with VERY little points and just enough calcium so I was happy!!!

I am going to pick up the chocolate and the vanilla now too (I couldn't find the unsweetened vanilla...I think it would FABULOUS!)

eurydice said...

i have only seen the regular unsweetened - it's good in coffee and in oatmeal - so creamy and delicious. and only 40 cals per cup!