Monday, February 25, 2008

Snack Attack

I've been off the kick of 100 calorie packs for quite a while now. Not only do I think they are a waste of packaging, but generally they are more expensive too. If it's an item that isn't a trigger food for me, I just buy the normal size package and take care of my own portioning. A good example is SmartPop...unless you find a good sale, the 100 calorie packages end up being double the price of the normal size bags. I just portion out half of the popped corn and save the rest in a zipper bag until the next day. It's not quite as fresh but it does the trick just fine.


While in Zellers the other day, I noticed that they had the new Thinsations (apparently they haven't updated their website yet, because I can't find the info on the new varities anywhere) on for $2 box for Dollar Dayz, so I picked them up just to try out. I have to say that none of the previous Thinsations ever impressed me enough to buy them more than once.

However... the Bits & Bites are pretty damn yummy! I had my doubts because they are just the original plain flavour, but I was surprised to find that they were salty, seasoned and tasty! A nice 2 point snack to fill in that chip craving that pops up every once in a while.

(I also picked up the Ritz Crisps, which I'll review when I give them a try later this week.)

Side note: while Googling for information and photos, both CurvyGirl and Shirls came up pretty high on the search! :) Pin It


Jen said...

MMM, I know those things are VERY tasty!!! Well, actually, I have only tried the cheese nip variety (but this girl LOVES her cheese nips!) and I am trying the ritz today...and I also have bits and bites (but those little friggers have always been a trigger food for me, so I have been walking softly around them!!)

eurydice said...

i got a 100 cal pack of beef jerky which i have yet to try.