Monday, February 25, 2008

Today I'm eating...

- coffee w/ vanilla Almond Breeze
- ww tortilla w/ light ricotta, honey, fresh strawberries, dried pineapple & chopped almonds
- ff Lemon Parfait yogurt
- chicken stew (from freezer)
- multigrain Wheat Thins w/ light herb cream cheese
- baby carrots
- PC Blue Menu chicken strips w/ dijon/honey/light mayo dip
- steamed asparagus
- tea
- 2 slices chocolate chip miche bread w/ RSF Becel


Activity: walk the dog, 20 crunches/20 squats/20 pushups, vacuuming

Water: now that I've had a week OP, this week's challenge is to get in my eight glasses of water.... Pin It

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