Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The good news is that I got in all my water yesterday....finally, I bet it's been months since I actually had my proper daily intake.

The bad news is that it left me with this nagging, empty, hungry feeling all damn day.

I didn't do any damage, but I did go over my planned menu by 6 points. I was trying to quell the hunger feeling with carby-goodness but it would only last for about 15 minutes. Very weird.

Nothing major...just a Handi-Snack before dinner, a granola bar after dinner, and a handful of crackers before bed. But it was still frustrating (and sort of nauseating) to have that feeling constantly and not be able to make it go away.

Hopefully my stomach gets used to the water intake in a few short days and the empty feeling goes away. Pin It

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