Monday, February 18, 2008

Weigh In

Talk about my body's comfort zone. 153.2 this morning. Down .8 pounds, so no complaints here! I still find it amazing that I lost though because there has been a whole lotta chocolate treats and such in the evenings. Not counted, but maybe fitting within my FPs and probably within maintenance points if I really looked at it.

It's tough to get totally back on track because I see these little losses or at least maintaining of my weight so it doesn't seem like a big deal when I eat off of my plan.

But I can see it and feel it in my body. It's the lack of activity. I was never all firm and buff or anything, but I can see the extra squishy bits sneaking back in and I don't like it.

Someone kick me and give me the motivation to get my ass over to the gym this week. Pin It

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