Thursday, March 27, 2008

A little insight...

I was never what anyone considered overweight. It was just one of those cases of getting older, getting a desk job, and getting complacent in the fact that I wasn't very active.

Two summers ago I joined a recreational rowing team with a girlfriend and that was my first venture into what I can now call an active lifestyle. Prior to that I had attempted a few yoga classes and had a failed gym membership at the Y. I'll never be "sporty" (because I'm still a clutz with very little coordination!) but I'll certainly try never to go without some sort of activity in my daily life ever again.

Once I got into that, I really felt the affects of the 15 or so extra pounds I'd starting toting around after 5+ years at a desk, so I decided now was the time to do something about it. Better than waiting to actually become overweight and have more troubles, right?

So my Weight Watchers journey began. Since I work from home at a computer all day, joining the online version seemed the way to go. I started out at 172+ set my goal to 150 lbs...although truth be told I would've been happy at 160. (It should be noted that I am 5'11" so any of those weights are considered in my healthy range...I just wanted to get to the low side before I jumped past the high side.) The initial 9 lbs just about fell off because my eating habits became so much better, but then it took me almost a year to get the other 13 pounds off.

Once I hit 150, my body immediately went right back up to 153lbs and I've fluctuated around there for the last year or so. I'm perfectly happy with that, but occasionally get back on the bandwagon for that elusive 150.

After rowing ended, my girlfriends and I took up non-contact kickboxing (Muay Thai). This is not boxercise. This is a class twice a week that kicks your ass! We learned moves and skills we never could anywhere else. I learned that I am a lot better at these things than I ever thought. I had to give it up when I moved across the country, but I missed the activity in my life so that's when I decided to join a gym and get a trainer.

Now that I'm working out regularly on a routine designed for me and my goals, I find it extra-motivating to stay on my eating plan. I still follow Weight Watchers to some degree...averaging points in my head and planning my meals each day helps keep me on track. I am no longer a member but I will carry the rules and everything I learned with me, probably for life.

Currently I'm knocking off the nagging extra 5 lbs that kept sneaking back in, and I suspect this week I might actually surpass my 150 lb goal and get back into maintenance mode.

It's a great journey. And who knew? If you'd asked me about working out or eating healthy even 5 years ago I wouldn't have known where to begin. But look at me now!
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Jen said...

Thanks for the "insight" Jamie!!! I always like learning how or why people came to be on WW!!

You are doing so friggin amazing right now!!! I, too, never thought I would be "sporty" so for now I will settle for "gym bunny" (the good kind) because as much as I don't mind getting sweaty...I really don't like getting dirty (like what happens in most sports...I am such a girl...)

eurydice said...

Very interesting. And isn't it nice to know you are putting good things in your body?

Christina said...

Wow way to go on maintaining. It is normal that our weight can change up to 5 lbs with what is going on in our lives. You prove that something can be done to control the fluctuation and acomplished just that..amazing :)

Heather said...

Thanks for your story, I love hearing how people do on maintenance :)