Saturday, March 08, 2008

Personal Trainer Recap - Day 1 of 5

This morning I had my final intro class for the gym...two classes in one... Stretching and Ab Work. It was good but I knew most of the stuff, except for the cool Precor stretching machine that I will sooooo use. Got me out of bed and out the door early too. :)

After that I had my first scheduled appointment with my new Personal Fitness Coach, Carol. She's really nice and obviously very dedicated to her job. There are little articles about her posted on the gym bulletin board, posters for the individual fitness classes she offers, plus her little bio indicates that she has been doing this for 20+ years and it is her mission to help out any women that want to be fun & fit. (That's me!)

I have to say that for the cost, this first meeting doesn't seem quite fair, but I'm sure it will work out by the end of the five sessions. We spent the first 20 or so minutes filling out paperwork, talking about my goals, and weighing & measuring me. I'm a good, healthy weight...which I knew...and my measurements are proportionate so that's good! She also called me long and lean...weeeeeeeeeeeee!

The rest of the session was just to determine my cardio starting point, so she had me walk and then run on the treadmill for 25 minutes. We tried to take my heartrate a couple of times throughout, so I would have something to compare to later, but the stupid machine wasn't cooperating. But I did do much better than I expected. I had told her that "my cardio sucks" and she laughed. Turns out I was wrong. I paced a 13.32 minute mile and apparently that's not too shabby for someone that rarely does cardio. Yaaieee me! We set my cardio goal to be able to RUN a 10 minute mile at the end of one year. She's sure that I'll be able to do it way before that. Score!

After that, we just did some stretching (I guess I didn't need to attend the gym class beforehand) and that was it. Barely 55 minutes, half of which was paperwork.

Monday night we will meet again to go over my strength training. She is excited that I'm wanting that to be my focus, because it's her favorite stuff. I'm excited that it's her forte because hopefully that means she'll help design an excellent plan for me! Pin It


ashley said...

I have that stretching machine at my gym, too! It is amazing.

Did you have to pay normal price for all of that time filling out paperwork? That would stink!

Jen said...

long and lean, proportionate AND a healthy weight???? Even if you knew it, I think that is AMAZING to hear it!!

Sucks that is was mostly paperwork but it sounds like it is going to be great!!! I can't wait to read more about it!!